30 Reasons Why 2011 Is Going To Be Another Crappy Year For America’s Middle Class

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7 Reasons the Middle Class Is in Serious Trouble The backbone of the American economy is struggling, and things may not get better anytime soon.

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Executive and congressional economic policy has done little to ameliorate the concerns of working and middle class. a bad argument against something that only fails to matter specifically because.

The following are 30 reasons why 2011 is going to be another crappy year for America’s middle class.. #1 We are bleeding middle class jobs at a pace that is staggering. Since the year 2000, the United States has lost 10% of its middle class jobs.

Why the American Middle Class Is Disappearing (and What It Will Mean for the Economy). If you put a $100 in the pockets of the poor or middle class, they’ll naturally spend the vast majority of.

Then, why are more parents going broke? The price of fixed costs has been soaring to almost unaffordable amounts, even for families with two parents in the workforce. The increase in costs for health care, child care, and home mortgages are pushing middle-class parents towards bankruptcy.

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The realities of the disappearing american middle class have now been revealed even more clearly thanks to a startling new statistic: more than half of Americans – 56 percent, to be exact – have less than $1,000 combined in their checking and savings accounts.

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Yes, once upon a time nearly anyone could go out and get a factory job, but those days are over. Neither major political party seems the least bit interested in trying to keep manufacturing jobs in.

A snapshot of what America’s middle class used to be and what it is now in terms of wages, work and out-of-pocket costs — and the problems caused by growing economic inequality.

The question then is why, given that people with higher incomes are more likely to vote than those with lower incomes and the middle class is shrinking. The real reason why the middle class seemingly gets such an out-sized share of attention may have to do with how it formed and what it means to American ideals.