Banking industry has yet to see all Dodd-Frank has to offer

Congress just approved a bill to dismantle parts of the Dodd-Frank banking rule "Banks are back to making record profits, but Washington insists on doing them more favors," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

How banks changed, where they are going.. of the banking industry, which has witnessed multiple bank failures and scandals such as the "London Whale" incident, in which a rogue trader for.

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In a new research report, Dodd-Frank and Corporate Banking: Still Murky After All These Years, Mercator Advisory Group examines the legislation to understand how it has affected corporate banking entities, and as such, what might change should various possible adjustments be made during the current administration.

Rest assured, experts say, the banking industry has yet to see all that Dodd-Frank has to offer. The 2010 law has strung banks along a regulatory rollercoaster for five years, paving the way for new agencies and requirements that changed the way the nation’s banks operated.

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What is "narrow banking?" The narrow (full-reserve) banking proposal calls for a total separation of bank deposit accounts from all other bank activities to address the following issues: During the years leading to financial crises, banks lend around 90% of the money deposited in transaction accounts (such as checking) and over 95% of total deposits (savings accounts included).

When all the dust from the 2,300 pages has settled in a big heap of regulations, what will be good about Dodd-Frank for banking? "In the short term, these changes can test staff and operations," says Simon Fish, executive vice president and general counsel of BMO Financial Group, a $525-billion asset financial services company based in.

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