Florida man breaks into home claiming he was getting away from alligat

In Florida, whenever anyone does something weird, the headline. Opossum hits rock bottom, breaks into liquor store to drink alone. Well, looks like we'll have to set that big “It's been _____ days since an airplane ran into an alligator”. a man into her home after he arrived panicked, claiming he'd just.

A woman hit a man in his underwear. to confront Mosley, he charged at her, the report said. She hit Mosley on the side of his head with a baseball bat and told him to get away from her. He then ran.

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DAVIE, Fla.- A woman who disappeared while walking her dogs near a Florida lake Friday was bitten and likely killed by an alligator that was later captured, wildlife officials said.. video shows man jump Into His Car As It's Being Stolen. Loveland Police Break Window To Save Dog From Hot Car.

Then came the calls to police that solved the mystery, and led to the arrest of a. Florida man wearing Crocs jumps into crocodile pond at Alligator Farm.. The first came at 6:50 a.m., a neighbor saying a suspicious person was. trying to fight off the crocodile and he managed to get away,” the report said.

#FloridaMan is trending. It makes sense that Florida Man is getting a boost from the social media site. The Florida Man meme itself originates from Twitter, when the @_FloridaMan account started.

To find out, we analyzed the @_FloridaMan Twitter account and also developed a. on-demand to journalists looking to break the next big tale of florida man insanity.. ONLY IN FLORIDA: Miami man dresses up his 13 foot alligator for Halloween. He. Being home to a billion-dollar drug treatment industry also means that.

An alligator isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a deadly weapon. Except, this is Florida. to break into a car on his way through the jail parking lot, deputies said. He might.

After Golden subdued the armed man he wanted to make sure the suspect couldn’t get away, so he pinned him down until. He told WJXT that he doesn’t know why Hindson broke into his home that night.