Red Sox Honored at White House

Cory Booker, a Yankees fan, worked to whip up support for his presidential bid by venturing into the heart of rival Red Sox.

world series champion Boston Red Sox Honored At White House President Donald Trump (left) is pictured with members of the Boston Red Sox during a ceremony honoring the 2018 World Series Champions.

WASHINGTON — The optics told a different story, but at a visit to the White House on Thursday the Red Sox said the absence of their manager and players of color did not reflect or even reveal a.

One of the most distinctive elements of the house, the black coal wall, comes in part from the Fords’ engagement with art,

 · Red sox manager alex cora, the latest member of the team to bow out of the visit, told a Puerto Rican newspaper he "doesn’t feel comfortable celebrating" at the White House.

President Donald Trump honored the world series-winning boston red Sox at the White House, Thursday, May 9. Red Sox manager Alex Cora did not attend the ceremony, citing the administration’s.

White House officials tried to play down the negative feedback. But at the end of third inning, as part of a salute to.

We never thought, for example, that we were going to play in Israel or that we were going to be playing two years ago in the White House." More than a dozen Latin artists honored the band with.

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The Boston Red Sox visited the White House on Thursday to celebrate last year's World Series victory and take a photo with President Donald.

BOSTON (AP) – A person with knowledge of the decision tells The Associated Press the Boston Red Sox have hired former Tampa Bay Rays. WASHINGTON (AP)As he took the podium last week in the White.

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President Donald Trump honored the World Series champion Boston Red Sox – well, some of them – at the White House on Thursday, but made no mention of the controversy that shadowed the visit.

 · WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump honored the World Series champion Boston Red Sox – well, some of them – at the White House on Thursday, but made no mention of the controversy that shadowed the visit.The team’s manager, Alex Cora, did not attend.

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